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Banana Haze Hash - 18.5% CBD

Banana Haze Hash - 18.5% CBD

Banana Haze Hash - 18.5% CBD

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All of our CBD Hemp Hash Teas have been carefully selected to ensure you get the best available strains at the best available prices, our CBD Hemp Hash teas are derived from the highest quality hemp strains available in the EU.

They are bred specifically to yield high CBD and low THC contents and are legal in the EU, all of our CBD Hemp Hash teas contain less than 0.01% of THC.

Please note Hemp is NOT Marijuana.

These CBD Hemp Hash teas are hemp derived, non-psychotoxic, THC-free* & EIHA EU certified strains.

Banana Haze Hash

Another lovely hash from our friends over in Switzerland, this hash has a lovely texture and flavour made from Full Spectrum European grown Hemp.

This hash is great for relaxing and relief from your daily stresses.


  • Total CBD % - 18.5%
  • THC < 0.01%
  • European 
  • Non Psychoactive
  • EU Legal

Extraction/legal information:
Cannabinoids are lipids which are not water soluble. Extracting cannabinoids derived from hemp in hot or boiling water is not an effective extraction method and it is impossible to extract a controlled cannabinoid which may or may not be present in negligible and or trace levels, which are within legal parameters, using an infused solution method.

Our hemp tea which is <0.2% Δ9-THC is quite clearly not designed for the administration of a controlled drug to a human being or animal & there is absolutely <1mg Δ9-THC per preparation. A controlled drug cannot be recovered by readily applicable means or of which constitutes a risk.

All of our hemp products are grown under government licenses in Italy and Switzerland.

Our hemp teas are named after popular cannabis strains with similar terpene profiles. They are not related to the THC strains, all our hemp flowers come from carefully grown Carmagnola industrial hemp.

CBD Hemp Hash Tea suggested use:
Steep one heaped teaspoon (approx 1g) of loose grounded hemp tea in a 200ml mug of hot water for 5-7 minutes or per required taste. Remove, stir and relax (sugar or Sweetener may be added).

Our Herbal CBD Hemp Tea is not intended to prevent, cure or treat any disease or illness. It is not intended for use by persons under the age of 18. It is not intended to be smoked or vaped. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication or under medical supervision then please consult a doctor or healthcare professional before use.

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Great value 👍

Great service and great product

Charles Urquhart | Ayrshire | April 2023

Great product

Great product good quality definitely recommend this company

Joseph Piercy | Birkenhead | May 2022

Beautiful Bargain!

Lovely smoke, really nice mixed with the trim for a proper chill out. Great price too. I'm done with THC and this is such a good replacement, great to relax and definitely helps me get to sleep.

Jamie | Dorset | October 2021

Good for sleeping

I decided to stop smoking high thc and go for this strain, it has really helped me with my anxiety, I get to sleep a lot faster compared to when I used to smoke high thc and I actually now remember what I dream about so have ordered some more. Really nice and smooth on the throat as I smoke it through a bong. Would highly recommend

Alexandria Sophia Sprague | Bristol United Kingdom | July 2021

Really nice quality.

Lovely hash for a fair price, very moreish :)

richard parsons | Land of nod. | May 2021

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