Banana Haze CBD Budz - 27.48% CBD
Banana Haze CBD Budz - 27.48% CBD
Banana Haze CBD Budz - 27.48% CBD
Banana Haze CBD Budz - 27.48% CBD

Banana Haze CBD Budz - 27.48% CBD


All of our CBD Flowers have been carefully selected to ensure you get the best available strains at the best available prices, our CBD Flowers  are derived from the highest quality hemp strains available in the EU.

They are bred specifically to yield high CBD and low THC contents and are legal in the EU, all of our CBD Flowers contain less than 0.01% of THC.

Please note Hemp is NOT Marijuana.

Banana Haze 

Banana Haze is a sativa dominant hybrid of unknown origins, The buds are exquisitely formed and its appearance is heightened by a meticulous trim and flourishes of colour that are highly attractive. The nose is truly dessert in bud-form. This strain is very unique and pungent with tropical citrus and creamy meringue. This is the strongest flower we have had! 

All of our Flowers are hand selected and are organically grown in Europe without using chemical fertilisers or pesticides, to offer the finest quality CBD Flowers possible.


  • Total CBD % - 27.48%
  • Total THC < 0.01%
  • European Indoor Grown
  • Non Psychoactive
  • EU Legal

Please Note:

Keep out of reach of children.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Information on this site is not meant to replace medical advice given by your Doctor. 

Sold As Agricultural Hemp Flower For Souvenirs Or As A Novelty Product.

Agricultural Hemp Flower Is Not Intended For Consumption or Combustion.

Not For Sale To Anyone Under 18 Years Old.

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Ryan - Newcastle

Favourite so far

Bought this product in the past a couple times and always been pleased with it, so much that when it got restocked I bought a large amount and the nug sizes are just amazing. The taste is very fruity and the smell is quite pungent with a strong hazey smell I'm sure a lot are familiar with.

Couldn't recommend this one more!

Scott Adams - Wales

Couldn’t select 10 stars

I’ve tried quite a few strains from here and this Banana Haze is the best so far, small nugs but all tight and compact, top shelf CBD by a mile. The smell is amazing, so fruity.

The body effects are unreal, after a hard day in work (or even before work) it chills you out so much and tastes great. 10/5 stars for me. Don't miss out!

Gaz - United Kingdom

Top Shelf CBD

Top shelf CBD bud. Ticks alot of boxes for me on the relief side of things. Lovely fruity smell and smooth taste. The banana haze cbd , One of my favourite products from thecbdcenter .

MeroAtV - Scotland

The best strain

One of the best strains I had ever. I will definitely taste other strains but it will be difficult to win the banana haze

Cory - Essex

Not the same as picture

Got a gram of it and was really nice then got 7g and it is tiny buds and not good it has nice smell wasn’t properly cured and don’t taste nice or smoke that well

Ryan Collis - UK

Best one I've tried

Tried quite a few of the products here and they don't compare to this one. It's got a really strong dank haze smell to it and it tastes really strong and nice - Will definitely be my go to choice from now on. 10/10

James Pavitt - London

fruity as f***!

This is a great tasting bud. Smooth on the draw and fruity on the exhale with a pleasant aftertaste of bananas too.

Get this while you can folks!!!

Sam Bruton -

Relaxing Strain

An enjoyable smoke that gave a mellow relaxing feeling without the thc effects. If anyone is wondering how this compares to thc bud or is looking to switch, this strain is definitely worth a taste. The high cbd makes up for the lack of thc.

Stephen Morrison -

Great flower

Bought a few times from here now and have been happy with each order.

This flowers smell and appearance reminds me something you would get on the streets, has that classic pungent haze smell that I'm sure the majority of people have noticed before and nice green colour in appearance, bud is a little compacted but it grinds up fine, also has a nice moisture content that preserves the terpenes well.

Some people probably know me from youtube (Void) I used to do cbd reviews. I'll be getting back into that in the coming weeks and will be returning here to review something for certain.

Give it a shot. Cheers!

Daniel Robins -

Good all round

On a scale of bad, okay, good, excellent: The banana haze looks good, smells good, tastes good, smokes good, feels good. At this price with the current discount, makes it a solid choice. 👍

Stephen Wood - Leigh

Just... Wow.

What an amazing strain this is! Bought an eighth, and I was pleasantly surprised!! The size of the buds are amazing and BIG and the smell and taste is great. Can you recommend another strain with this bud size CBDCENTER?

THANKYOU as always. 😁👌